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WuXi XinMuyue Trading Co., Ltd. is one of the largest distributors of austenitic, precipitation hardened, duplex and martensitic stainless steel round bar as well as various nickels.

WuXi XinMuyue Trading Co., LTD is located in the east of the country’s largest stainless steel distribution center – wuxi steel city, Oriental steel city, triangle, is extremely advantageous geographical location, traffic is very convenient, close to the beijing-shanghai expressway and shanghai-chengdu expressway, north ring road, developed traffic network provides a reliable guarantee for the development of our company. Company is mainly engaged in varieties have 304, 304 L, 316, 316 L, 317 L, 330, 309 s and 310 s, 2205, etc., on the surface of NO. 1, 2 d, 2 b, BA, NO. 4, etc

Gradually formed since the establishment of the company set of stainless steel production, processing, and sales in the integration of production and trade enterprise, the products of our company rely on excellent quality, good reputation and favorable transportation conditions, development has been with the shanxi taigang, Shanghai baosteel, guangzhou together, ningbo bao new established good relations of cooperation.


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WuXi XinMuyue Trading Co., Ltd. Located in China's largest stainless steel market--Wuxi. In recent years, we have a lot of business contacts with domestic and foreign brands. Our ability to deliver goods quickly is also recognized by many customers.


Located in China's largest stainless steel market--Wuxi.


Have cooperrated with a lot of importers in US for Several years.


Experienced in doing business with big customers.

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Quick delivery time for decent orders.
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Frequently asked questions

1Is XMY Products able to produce functional welds?
Yes, we have invested much research and development into our process that enables us to provide the best quality functional welds.
2Does XMY Products only offer standard edges?
No, not only can we supply standard edges but we can also accommodate custom edges. Send us your custom edge drawing today.
3Does XMY Products toll process material from other companies?
Yes, we are one of the fastest growing toll processors in WuXi,China. We toll process for many primary mills, specialty mills, distributors, and end-users in various alloys.
4Is XMY Products ISO Certified?
Yes, XMY Products is ISO Certified.
5How can custom-edged material be beneficial?
By custom forming the edges of your material, XMY Products can provide strip that is safe to handle, esthetically pleasing and excellent for critical applications requiring smooth or burr-free strip.